Book I: Worshipping the Divine

Transcribed below are the tenets of faith, as found in the Divine Code.

Each tenet is comprised of chapters (total of 84), and each chapter is comprised of verses.  

Tenet structure:

I-V  Ideals to STRIVE.

VI-VIII  Applied Reality to BE.

IX-XII  Inner Path to TRANSFORM.    

A. The Good Word


1.  Tenets of Faith

1. Tenets of Faith

I. Primary Imperative

It is the primary imperative of each individual human being to contribute to the advancement of humankind as a whole.

II. Equality

All are equal.

III. Empathy

When interacting with others, you must seek to understand their personal motivations lest you wallow in the misery of unintended effects.

IV. Service

No act is greater than that which is done in service of your community.

V. Perfection

Perfection is not a static state of being, it is attainable and requires constant effort bearing continual progress.

VI. Appreciation

There is an appreciable aspect to any circumstance. 

VII. Awareness

Critical reasoning results in poor decision making if you fail to consider factors beyond your personal interests.

VIII. Perspective

Do not let decision making be clouded by emotion; be aware of emotional bias on your perspective and distinguish between rational and emotionally reactive.

IX. Personal Responsibility

There is no higher power than free will, the existence of which demands care and consideration.

X. Love Thyself

Love all that you are, dearly, lest you set a poor example for others to follow.

XI. Place For Petty

Pity the fool whose will is too weak to conquer the baser instincts of conscience.

XII. Know Thy Place

You are neither more important, nor less important than anyone else.

Full Chapter Outline

Thesis statements for each of the eighty-four chapters contained in the Good Word.  There may, or may not, be a hint of Cotton Mather at some point.